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About Us

MetaSwiss Group AG is a FinTech company from Winterthur, Switzerland. The company is focused on developing financial metaverse by combining Digitalization and Decentralization with digital and traditional finance.

Since the company's foundation, MetaSwiss Group AG has been active in offering both cutting-edge software development services and conventional financial services including fundraising and financial product structuring.







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Professionals in Digital Services

We hire only the best in the class of software architects, software developers, Q/A testers, UX/UI designers as well as digital marketers.

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Professional Fundraisers

Members of our executive team have experience in investment fundraising and have a business focus on both conventional and alternative financial products.

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The most innovative
Financial Products

Our combination of best-in-class software and financial architects provided us with an opportunity to build the most innovative digital financial products on the market.